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Worldwide Explosives & Bomb Detector Dogs

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Corporate Bomb Search Dog Teams

Bomb Dog Teddy in charge of the F35 JSF by Lockheed Martin

We conduct bomb/explosive detection searches with our explosive sniffer dog teams. We have dogs trained and already deployed in Europe and can deploy our explosive detector dogs worldwide

We are proud to have been chosen to provide 3 bomb dog teams to Lockheed Martin at the 2007 Paris Air show. This is the 3rd year we have deployed our explosive detection dogs for Lockheed Martin at the International Air show and are sure that the good working relationship that we have developed with the Lockheed Martin security team will continue to flourish and provide continued safety for the Lockheed Martin Personnel, Executives and property.

CASE STUDY: Lockheed Martin - 2007 Paris Airshow - explosive detection dog teams.

Searching for explosives in the Lockheed Martin Stand at the Paris Airshow 2007 Bomb searching in Paris hotels for corporate CEOs Bomb searching Paris hotels Paris airshow Limmo bomb searching

Stand:Corporate baggage searching Paris airshow 2007

1.    Advanced Recon of fixed venues and risk evaluation.

2.    Searching of fixed venues as operationally required. Additional security sweeps of luggage, cars and executive aircraft prior to departure.  Dog deployed to sweep hotel and function venues as well as CEO accommodation to ensure total client security from the terrorist threat posed by explosive devices. These explosive searches are carried out in close cooperation with the CP and other security teams to ensure the areas searched for explosives are not compromised.

Blow and ShowCorporate bomb searching at Paris airshow

Often at the handlers discretion, it is our policy that dog teams make a high profile presence at the venue and throughout any static displays.

Additional Explosive searches: "Rummage Team"

Metro K9 teams are also often deployed as a "Rummage Team" with the aid of a suitable dog  and equipment, searching areas of buildings that are normally inaccessible to a normal eyes on search.

Bomb dog welfare

Time Out for Brin Morgan  Time out for Teddy, Brin and their handler   Spaniels are popular with the corporate clients.

Metro K9 consider the dogs welfare during the event to be paramount. Not just for the health and welfare of our dogs but to ensure that our bomb dogs are fit and in a condition for immediate deployment and can fulfil their crucial role in bomb and explosive detection.


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