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Worldwide Explosives & Bomb Detector Dogs

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Corporate Canine Solutions

Metro K9 Corporate Canine Solutions deploy specialist bomb detector dogs for their corporate clientele worldwide. We offer specialist searching to risk management groups who provide security to groups and individuals who may be under threat from criminal or terrorist elements.

Metro K9 Dog Teams are accredited by De Nederlanse Bond Voor de Diensthond (Dutch Service Dog Association).

Contract explosive/drug detection services & specialist dog training.

Metro K9 is a European based law enforcement canine training company dedicated to the supply, training and deployment of the finest European dogs available, to the United States and worldwide.

The training establishment is situated in France with offices in Texas and the UK. Serving the public and private sector of law enforcement with General Service Dogs (Patrol), Narcotic & Explosive/Firearms detector dogs.

The standard and training techniques employed by Metro K9 are based on the 'London Plan', as set down by the British Home Office Standing Advisory Committee on Police Dogs, and has been consistent with the general high standard of European canine law enforcement training.

Metro K9 provides a professional canine explosives and drug detection service, which is being offered to corporate business, security and individual members of the public. All our staff have a law enforcement background and are experienced in evidence continuity and the preparation of statements and reports, should they be required.

Metro K9 is owned and operated by David Astbury, who has an extensive law enforcement background both in the public and private sector. David Astbury has joined with police colleagues of a similar background to offer the finest European dogs and training to the North American law enforcement community.

Years of dog handling knowledge!David Astbury is a 22 year veteran of the Cheshire Police and retired in 1992. During his service he specialised in dog training, tactical and operational deployment of General Purpose Dogs (Patrol), and narcotic/explosive detection dogs. He has assisted the Malta Police Dog Section with their initial and in-service training program. He has trained with the Royal Military Police Dog Section (British Army) and the German Special Operations Police Unit (SEK).  As the former European training director for Elite Canine of Abilane Texas, he had responsibilities of selection and of testing dogs and conducting all training courses. Metro K9 can provide a full resume together with references, if required.  In addition to training and procurement Astbury handles an explosive detector dog operationally.

We will supply drug detection dog teams and or bomb detection dog teams worldwide.

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